Every day, your child is growing and changing.  And you know it’s important to have a doctor who’s an expert in children’s unique medical needs.

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) is the only  medical network in San Diego County and southern Riverside specializing in children’s health from birth through age 18.

We offer:

  • Full access to Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego physicians, facilities and services.
  • Pediatricians with backgrounds and extensive training for the unique health care needs of infants, children and teens.
  • Plus, even if you have your own doctor, you can still choose one of our pediatric experts for your child.  CPMG makes it just that easy.

What Parents Say.

"Dr. Pring has been a great doctor and helpful for my brother. She’s wonderful!"


"The doctors at Children’s Hospital and especially Dr. Stephanie Powell are very caring. They are also very professional."


"As a member of CPMG I like that I have a contact that addresses my needs and follows up with me."


"We chose CPMG because of the access to Rady Children’s Hospital. Our pediatrician is great and she really seems to care about my son and his needs. He is now a teenager and she helps with making him realize he has a say in his medical care and responsibility."

Andrea T.

"Dr. Rosa Maria Arias has been an extraordinary doctor like no other. She will see you in a moment’s time without hesitation when your children are sick. Truly one of a kind and amazing."

Mrs. Jacobs

"I have never felt so informed before as I have since my 12 year old and 10 week old are with Dr. Pamela Atienza and CPMG."

Ariana Valdovinos

"I have Dr. Stuart Cohen as my kids’ pediatrician and I think he is a very good doctor."