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Posted on Feb 13, 2018

During cold and flu season, there are several medical treatments that are hotly contested. Most commonly, it is whether or not to get a flu vaccine. A close second is whether or not to give Tamiflu to a patient who has been diagnosed with influenza….

Posted on Nov 9, 2015

Every fall/winter we go through the same dreaded respiratory virus season.  What exactly does that mean?  For doctors it means very busy days in the office.  For patients it means lots of colds, coughs, croup, sinus infections, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and influenza to name…

Posted on Sep 16, 2015

Every fall we are faced with the same question: To get the flu shot or not to get the flu shot? There are so many myths surrounding the influenza vaccine that many people grapple with this decision yearly, even people who otherwise get all of their…

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

So it’s cold and flu season and your child is sick.  How do you know what he/she has and then what do you do about it? The term “flu” is commonly thrown around to describe anything from a runny nose to viral gastroenteritis, or the…

Posted on Jan 6, 2013

For the third time this week, I saw an otherwise fully immunized, lifelong patient of mine, in the office for well-child care and again (as I do every year) recommended the flu vaccine. And his mother lifted an eyebrow at me and said, “You know…