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Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Every school year parents and kids alike look forward to summer.  However, a few weeks in to summer and it’s time to talk about going back to school.  Besides getting all of the necessary clothing and supplies, one of the first things you need to think…

Posted on Feb 9, 2015

Well child checks are a routine part of a child’s life.  These visits are opportunities to follow their growth and development and to review accurate information regarding their overall health.  Topics such as nutrition, bedwetting, parenting, and, of course, vaccinations can all be reviewed at…

Posted on Feb 6, 2015

By now you have probably heard about the measles outbreak that started with an infected person at Disneyland.  This is a huge crisis as measles is very dangerous, is extremely contagious and the outbreak has been a public health nightmare.  The reason for the outbreak…